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This Web Site Has been set up So that I can rant and rave about Scout stuff That happens in Taupo And around New Zealand, The things discussed on this page are not in any way the opinion of Scouting New Zealand. Who is 1st Taupo Scout Group; We are A group Made up of Keas Cubs And Scouts.

Scouting today is open to all young people...

You can join Scouting at any time and any age. Scouting today offers a safe and secure environment for: This is all About What Each one is all about-

Welcome to the magical world of Kea Scouts

Keas is a fun programme designed for children aged six and seven years. Keas is fun and exciting. Keas get involved in activities that allow them interact with nature, create and learn to share though co-operation and team effort. Keas is a simple, flexible and positive group experience where the accent is on SHARING and FUN.
Kea Scouts work towards the same goals as all other SCOUTING sections, helping young people develop into better citizens in our community.

A Cub Scout takes part in a programme suitable for young people from age 7 to age 11.

The Cub Scout programme makes full use of the need for adventure and the vivid imaginations of children. Games of all kinds, simple skills, sense training, outings and holidays, stories, music, play acting and handicrafts are all combined to form a unique programme.
A Cub Pack consists of 20 to 30 Cubs working and playing together under the guidance of understanding adults, who help young people get the most out of the programme. The Pack is usually divided into groups, known as Sixes, led by a youth leader called a Six Leader. Through the Pack and Six organisation, Cubs learn to co-operate with others, develop responsibility and leadership skills and share in worthwhile group experiences.

Land Scouts Sea Scouts Air Scouts

A Scout takes part in a programme suitable for young people from age 10 to age 15
Scouts are organised into Patrols. Patrols are encouraged to plan & organise their own activities in order to develop teamwork and self reliance. There are opportunities for Scouts to experience leadership. A progressive award scheme enables Scouts to learn a range of new skills through working on personal challenges and group activities. Meetings are usually held one evening a week and last for about 2 hours, as well as occasional weekends for major activities. Movement to another section (or programme) will occur as a result of discussion between the Scout, their parents/caregivers and the Adult Leaders concerned. The Scout Section objectives are: • Satisfy personal relationships • Develop a sense of group achievement • Participate in Patrol selected activities • Participate in individual hobbies and interests and so promote: • Health & fitness • Knowledge & experience in the local & wider community • Appreciation of and experience in the Outdoors • Opportunities for & training in community service • Cultural awareness and family involvement


The 1st Taupo Scout Group offers the following sections for both boys and girls:

* Kea Club for 6 to 8 year olds Tuesdays 3:30 - 4:30
* Cub Pack for 8 to 10 1/2 year olds Tuesdays 5:00 to 6:30
* Scout Troop for 10 1/2 to 14 1/2 year olds Thursdays 6:30 to 8:30
* Venturer Unit for 141/2 to 18 year olds Fridays 7:00 to 9:30

The sections generally meet at our Den on Wheretia Street but are often elsewhere depending on the programme.

Our aim is to provide your child with a safe environment where they can develop skills through our fun and exciting programme, which included games, arts and crafts, camping and outdoor activities.

We undertake 2 main fundraising activities per year. These are delivery of the Bay of Plenty and local Telephone Books in the Taupo urban area. We find that this is an activity the young people can be involved in and enjoy. They are also good money earners and without them our fees would have to be drastically increased.

Our Scout Group is run totally by volunteers. We ask that each family contribute to the running of the Group in some way, in addition to the phonebook delivery fundraiser, so that we can offer a top quality programme and so that no adults are overworked. Our group would not survive without parent involvement.

Parents make great Leaders so if you think you would enjoy being a leader please let us know. As long as you are willing to give it a go you will be a good Leader as it is not difficult. As you will be working in a team there is a role for everyone including the bold and the shy.

The New Zealand Scout Law And Promise

Scout Law & Promise

"On my honour I promise to do my best,
To do my duty to my God
To the Queen and my country,
To help other people
And to live by the Scout Law."

The Scout Law
A Scout is loyal and trustworthy
A Scout is considerate and tolerant
A Scout is a friend to all
A Scout accepts challenges with courage
A Scout uses resources wisely
A Scout respects the environment
A Scout has self respect and is sincere

The Scout Law & Promise Are Really Hard To find on the Net So There they are;

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